5 servings


  • Cooked Steak - 20 oz
  • Beef Stock - 5 oz
  • Simply Thick Gel - 5 (15g) Nectar Packet OR 5 strokes
  • Fine Cracker Meal - 2 Tbsp

Special Equipment Needed: Blender, Steak Food Mold and Rubber Spatula


  • Cut steak into ¼ inch pieces and place into blender.
  • Mix beef stock with SimplyThick gel.
  • Pour thickened stock into blender with the steak.
  • Turn on blender and puree until partially smooth.
  • Scrape down the side of the blender and blend again until and smooth consistency is reached.
  • Pour steak mixture into a bowl.
  • Add cracker meal to bowl and mix until smooth.
  • Using rubber spatula place steak mixture into molds sprayed with food release using the flat edge of spatula to smooth out the surface and completely fill in the mold.
  • Flip steak mold onto plate and gently press down in the center to release the steak.
  • Reheat.
  • Serve.

    Critical Control Points (CCP):
  • Reheat to a minimum internal temperature of 165°F for 15 seconds. Maintain at a minimum internal temperature of 135°F for no longer than 4 hours. Discard any leftover portions.